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Thu Oct 6 14:33:16 UTC 1994

	I am looking for information on a program called "lexa". I
was told by someone it has something for Sanskrit. He has no other
details nor do I. If anyone has the details, I would appreciate if you
can post to the group or directly to me.


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          Scholars of the history of printing and of Asian American history 
          may  be  interested  in  the  following  conference announcement: 
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          Subject:      Print Culture Conference 
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          Status: RO 
                                            THE CENTER FOR THE HISTORY OF P 
                                          IN MODERN AMERICA 
                                         a joint project of 
          The State Historical Society                    University of Wis 
                  of Wisconsin 
                                        Is Proud to Announce 
                                            A Conference: 
                                 PRINT CULTURE IN A DIVERSE AMERICA 
                                To be held in Madison, May 5-6, 1995 
          This conference will assess readers and their texts in the "other 
          ers which illuminate the books, newspapers, periodicals, etc., pr 
          l and ethnic minorities, women, political radicals, sexual minori 
           since 1876 will be the focus.  We welcome both case studies of s 
          eriences and those that compare the historical sociology of print 
          f a number of groups too often placed on the periphery of power.  
          ourages the interdisciplinary study of print culture history and  
          rs from all appropriate fields.  The directors and advisory board 
          number of papers for the Center's initial book publication in 199 
          Proposals for individual papers or entire sessions (up to 3 paper 
          d by December 1, 1994. 
                  For information contact:                Wayne A. Wiegand  
          ky, Co-Directors 
                                                          Center for the Hi 
                                                                  in Modern 
                                                          University of Wis 
                                                          4217 Helen C. Whi 
                                                          600 North Park St 
                                  Madison, WI  53706 
                                                          (608) 264-6598 
                                                          FAX (608) 263-484 
                                                          James.Danky at mail. 

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