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  > I would be grateful for help on this point.
  > I have just downloaded two Windows fonts for Malayalam from the 
  > CICA archive. They look quite good and print well.
  I also got the same fonts converted to Macintosh TrueType, but I am not so
  happy with them. There are two styles, one square thick line design, and one
  normal design (with thick-thin transitions) I think they have been done very
  crude -- the thick-thin transitions are irregular, bows are not looking very
  symmetrical, and a eyes, etc are not looking the same where they should. I
  think this has not the quality to make it a proffesional product. (allthough
  I have seen some ugly things for sale) For comparison, take a look at the
  fonts CDAC has for sale, and which are used in newspapers and magazines in

  About it copyright status I cannot tell you anything. I haven't seen them


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Subject: Vrtra myth in the Rigveda
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Recently I attended a conference where a paper on Vrtra was delivered.
The author postulates that Vrtra was an earthen bund formed as a
result of tectonic shifting in the Indus region. The proposition
satisfies many of the Rgvedic epithets of Vrtra.
Does anyone has info. about such a hypothesis put forward in any
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Date: 24 Jan 1994 11:26:11 GMT
Subject: SHUM?

AUTHOR: MAIL.CONLANG                
In his introduction to the book Semantic Networks in Artificial 
Intelligence, Fritz Lehmann writes the following in a footnote: 
"In the 1960's, I saw a network language called `Shum' (in a 
Shum Foundation publication) created to express the fundamental 
ideas of the great eastern religions; since then I've never found 
any references to Shum." 
Mr Lehmann has written to me asking if I have any data on Shum. 
I have none.  Anyone on this list have any leads? 

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Date: 24 Jan 1994 15:36:15 GMT

          The Library of Congress has  been offered from  a  Western dealer 
          the following work in Hindi or some related language or dialect: 
          Gosv-am-i Ras-alagiri 
          It has also been offered 1  ms containing these works labelled as 
          being in Rajasthani: 
          1. Sadaivacchas-abali-ng-ar-iv-arat-a 2. Jos-ijagann-atha.        
          3. Pan-av-iramadek-iv-arat-a. 
          So  far  I  have been unable to find  any information about these 
          books.  I will of course be consulting all  the reference books I 
          have available in  LOC.   Does anyone out there however have  any 
          acquaintance with these works?   I  am particularly interested in 
          whether mss  of  them  are abundant, whether they have ever  been 
          published, and whether they are important enough to purchase in a 
          time of budget stringency and  in view of LOC's general policy of 
          not purchasing non-American mss. 
          Diacritics should be read with the letter following them. 
          Thanks for any help. 
          Allen W. Thrasher 
          Senior Reference Librarian 
          Library of Congress 
          Washington, DC 20540-4744 
          tel. (202) 707-5600 
          fax  (202) 707-1724 
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