Upgrade of List Server software (fwd)

Alan Thew Alan.Thew at liverpool.ac.uk
Tue Jan 25 19:59:16 UTC 1994

On Thursday 27th of this week, the list server software will be
upgraded from version 5.5 to 6.0c . As a consequence of this and the
upgrade of the mail server machine, list mail will not be distributed
from midday (UK time) Wednesday to midday Thursday.
No mail will be lost.

The new features of the upgrade are as follows. Please mail me if you
have any questions.

1) Support for MIME which allows MIME mail which is sent to lists to be
appear as MIME mail to the list members. MIME allows for mail extensions
and is becoming an internet standard.

2) Checking for subscribe messages sent to the list. If these are found,
   the mail is returned to the sender and not distributed.

3) Dynamic archives. Items are added to an archive and are immediately available
to users via the 'get' command.

4) Users can be concealed from other list members when a 'review' is issued.

	help set

will get more information

5) Each list has default directives, e.g. all members of a list can have
mail set to 'ack' when they join.

6) Better loop detection.

7) Ability to search archives.

	help search 

will get more information.

8) The id that replies to administrative commands  will be 'listproc' . 
But the address 

	listserv at liverpool.ac.uk

will continue to work.

If you are familiar with this version of listproc, please note that we
will not be supporting 'live access' for a while.

If you have questions, please reply directly to me and _not_ the list.

Alan Thew
alan.thew at liv.ac.uk   ...!uknet!liv!alan.thew   Tel: +44 51 794-3735
University of Liverpool, Computing Services     Fax: +44 51 794-3759


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