Malayalam fonts

Wed Jan 19 12:49:57 UTC 1994

I would be grateful for help on this point.

I have just downloaded two Windows fonts for Malayalam from the 
CICA archive. They look quite good and print well.

Unfortunately, the documentation is sparse, without the name or address 
of the sender. I suspect the person who sent the fonts might not be their 
originator or copyright owner. Obviously, I can't release the fonts for use 
until the question of copyright has been settled.

I have examined the fonts and found embedded in them a copyright 
notice consisting only of the words "Ethno Multimedia". Does anyone 
recognize that name? It looks like the name of a company, but there is no 
business address, so it might be the name of a group of enthusiasts.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Alec McAllister
Arts Computing Development Officer
Computing Service
University of Leeds
tel 0532 335399

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