Wellcome Institute Library Catalogue now online

Dominik Wujastyk D.Wujastyk at ucl.ac.uk
Tue Feb 22 18:24:52 UTC 1994

The library catalogue of the Wellcome Institute today joins the many
hundred catalogues available for consultation via the international

The library is primarily dedicated to the history of science and medicine,
and has a world-class collection of approximately half a million volumes
(not all in the catalogue yet, but we're working on it)/.

The reason I mention the catalogue here on INDOLOGY is that we have a
strong collection of Sanskrit texts, i.e., two or three thousand volumes.
These are largely, but not exclusively, ayurvedic texts.  We also hold
texts on jyotihsastra, yoga, tantra, Buddhism, Jainism, and so on.  We also
have some of the Sanskrit text series (Trivandrum Sansk. Ser., etc.).  An
interesting feature of the collection is the collection of early Bombay and
Mathura imprints from publishers like Venkateshwar Steam Press, etc.  We
also have about 200 lithographs from the 19th cent., but these are not in
the catalogue yet.  Finally, in the longer run I think I shall try to get
brief, K-level entries into the catalogue for our Sanskrit manuscript
collection (ca. 6000 MSS).  I am also building up the collection of
secondary reference literature in European languages: histories, catalogues
of MSS, dictionaries, surveys, etc.

In general, the collection is quirky and has some unusual holding and early
imprints.  Worth checking out if you are looking for some rare publication.

The Wellcome Institute has a full range of photocopying and filming

The access details are:

   Internet address for telnet:  wihm.ucl.ac.uk

   JANET address (for UK users):  uk.ac.ucl.wihm or 0000 0511 3700 03

The catalogue is available all the time, except for maintenance and updates
from midnight to 1:30am London time, and on approximately one Saturday in

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Wellcome Institute, 183 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE.

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