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Tue Feb 22 18:58:22 UTC 1994

The "Woerterbuch Sanskrit-Deutsch" by Klaus Mylius which claims to
contain about 77.000 entries is printed exclusively in transliteration and
seems to use rather explicit typography for the differentiation of types
of information. I consider it good news that the publisher (Langenscheidt)
has granted me the licence and that the "Stiftung fuer wissenschaftliche
Forschung an der Universitaet Zuerich" has granted funds for software to
skan this dictionary. The plan is to convert the format of the printed
book into the structure of a data-bank. -- It will take at least till the
end of this year until a tangible result will be available, and
the modalities (distributor, costs, etc.) for the availability
of the dictionary in electronic form are still undecided. Yet, I
thought the academic community should know about this project, if only to avoid
duplication of work (since an electronic dictionary of Sanskrit seems
to be something we all are looking for).
   Needless to say that I am grateful for any advice and for feedback about the
specific requirements of potential users of such a dictionary.
Should there be samples of other dictionaries or anybody's
private glossaries etc. which might one day be cumulated to
Mylius, please share the information and/or the data.
Peter Schreiner, Zuerich

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