Machine-readable Skt Mahaabhaarata

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Tue Feb 22 02:06:04 UTC 1994

        On  21 Feb 1994, Reinhold Gruenendahl (Niedersaechsische Staats-
und Universitaetsbibliothek, 37070 Goettingen, Germany, Phone: 0551/395283,
<GRUENEN at>) asked: "Does anyone know of a machine-readable
version of the Sanskrit text of  the Mahabharata?  
        Sometime in 1993 I had received an announcement from Script
Software Interrnational, CAE Lake Shandalee Road, Livingston Manor, N.Y.
12758-0131,U.S.A.,  tel. (914) 439-3972
informing that they had the Mahaabhaarata,, the four
Vedas, and several Braahma.nas, Upani.sada, and puraa.nas available on
disks. I have not used these versions myself. They have been produced
through optical scanning.  The person to contact is Julian Miller, P.O.Box
131, Livingston Manor, N.Y. 12758-0131,U.S.A.
        In addition, I am sure there are machine-readable versions of parts
of the Sanskrit Mahaabhaarata, such as the Giitaa.   Ashok Aklujkar,
Professor, Department of Asian Studies, University of B.C.,Vancouver, B.C.,
Canada V6T 1Z2. Tel: (604) 822-5185, (604) 274-5353. Fax 822-8937.


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