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Wed Aug 24 01:55:59 UTC 1994

>> Can anyone help me to find a MacIntosh-compatible roman-alphabet 
>font that 
>> has the necessary diacritical marks to write Sankskrit and Pali?
>At the request of some colleagues, I have just begun work on TrueType 
>fonts for Sanskrit, Pali, Hindi etc. I know very little about these 
>languages, so advice would be very welcome.

I have developed a Font for the MacIntosh which uses only lower and upper
case keys for the purpose of typing extensive texts exclusively in
Sanskrit.  It is without question the most effecient means of typing
Sanskrit.  To go with the Font I have developed transliteration programs to
convert a file to Hindustan and South Asia Times Roman Diacritic Fonts and
Jaipur and Vedic Devanagari Fonts.  I will gladly share them with anyone
willing to make a modest contribution to help me offset some of the
development costs.

I would like to add other true-type Devanagari and diacritic Fonts to the
system.  Interested?  Please contact me.

Peter M. Scharf
Peter_Scharf at


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