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Tue Aug 16 09:48:56 UTC 1994

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> Dear fellow listers,
> Can anyone help me to find a MacIntosh-compatible roman-alphabet 
font that 
> has the necessary diacritical marks to write Sankskrit and Pali?

I have just uploaded  to the CICA archive a set of five TrueType fonts 
which might meet your needs. I believe that these contain all the 
diacritics you need. If there are any missing, please let me know and I'll 
include them in version 2, expected in a few months' time.

The fonts (and some Word for Windows macros which come with them) 
were designed for Windows, but the fonts should work on any Mac 
running System 6.0.7 or later.

The CICA archive seems to be very quiet just now: perhaps the 
supervisor is on holiday. The package is still in the pending.uploads 
directory, but should soon be moved to one of the accessible directories.

The package is shareware, but the price is entirely up to you, and if you 
don't feel like paying anything, that's fine too.

> Also, can
> anyone recommend a Sanskrit/Pali-alphabet font for the Mac?

At the request of some colleagues, I have just begun work on TrueType 
fonts for Sanskrit, Pali, Hindi etc. I know very little about these 
languages, so advice would be very welcome.


P.S. We had a week-long power-supply problem here and a LOT of mail 
either never arrived or is still unread on back-up tapes. If any 
list-member emailed me in the last fortnight, please repeat the message.


Alec McAllister
Arts Computing Development Officer
Computing Service
University of Leeds
tel 0532 335399

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