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Tim Cleary tcleary at
Wed Aug 24 16:56:02 UTC 1994

As regards TrueType fonts, please do.  I'm a MS Windows user and would 
like to obtain a 'true' font for Sankrit. Please keep me appraised.  By 
the way, after 4 Sept. I will be at address TIMOTHY at VSE.CZ and this 
address will no longer be valid.  Thank you.


On Wed, 24 Aug 1994 Peter_Scharf at wrote:

> >> Can anyone help me to find a MacIntosh-compatible roman-alphabet 
> >font that 
> >> has the necessary diacritical marks to write Sankskrit and Pali?
> >
> >At the request of some colleagues, I have just begun work on TrueType 
> >fonts for Sanskrit, Pali, Hindi etc. I know very little about these 
> >languages, so advice would be very welcome.
> I have developed a Font for the MacIntosh which uses only lower and upper
> case keys for the purpose of typing extensive texts exclusively in
> Sanskrit.  It is without question the most effecient means of typing
> Sanskrit.  To go with the Font I have developed transliteration programs to
> convert a file to Hindustan and South Asia Times Roman Diacritic Fonts and
> Jaipur and Vedic Devanagari Fonts.  I will gladly share them with anyone
> willing to make a modest contribution to help me offset some of the
> development costs.
> I would like to add other true-type Devanagari and diacritic Fonts to the
> system.  Interested?  Please contact me.
> Sincerely,
> Peter M. Scharf
> Peter_Scharf at


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