Diacritics fonts for Word for Windows? Please.

hsa01dk at goldsmiths.ac.uk hsa01dk at goldsmiths.ac.uk
Thu Aug 4 14:48:16 UTC 1994

Dear Alec,

>I have created a set of TrueType fonts and WinWord macros which can 
>handle the accented letters of over 60 languages, including transliterated 
>Sanskrit, Prakrit etc. 

I am interested in your fonts. Would they work with any Windows? I realise
the macros won't be the same, but I would like to use them with AmiPro if

>I will be attempting to upload the package (called LeedsBit) to the CICA 
>(Indiana) and SRC (London) archives in the next few hours, but I've 
>never uploaded anything before, so if it isn't there in the next day or two, 
>please feel free to contact me directly.

Can you give me the SRC site address, please?

Many thanks,
Damien Keown hsa01dk at gold.ac.uk
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University of London, Goldsmiths
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