Diacritics fonts for Windows

Thomas B. Ridgeway ridgeway at blackbox.hacc.washington.edu
Tue Aug 2 20:40:07 UTC 1994

Edeltraud Clear writes,
> I am trying to find a means of writing diacritics for Sanskrit
> transcription using Microsoft Word for Windows on a PC.
> Has anybody any suggestions? Or can somebody point me to where
> I can look?
> Specifically I need to be able to write:
>   = a dot under 'n', 'm', 'h', 'th', and 's'

This is what the HACC Indic series of fonts is intended to handle.
You may evaluate for yourself whether they succeed in this aspiration by
fetching via ftp (binary mode please) the files
These are then installed via the Windows control panel, a process described
in the windows manuals.  Those needing help with how to conduct an ftp 
session should seek assistance locally as this is a generic computing
procedure which does not require Indic expertise.


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