Diacritics fonts for Word for Windows? Please.

T.A.MCALLISTER ECL6TAM at lucs-01.novell.leeds.ac.uk
Wed Aug 3 09:44:47 UTC 1994

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> Subject:       Diacritics fonts for Word for Windows? Please.

> Dear Colleagues,
> I am trying to find a means of writing diacritics for Sanskrit
> transcription using Microsoft Word for Windows on a PC.
> Has anybody any suggestions? Or can somebody point me to where
> I can look?
> Specifically I need to be able to write:
>   = a dot under 'n', 'm', 'h', 'th', and 's'
>   = a circle under 'r' (or a dot will do)
>   = matra over vowels (and 'r')
>   = acute accent over 's'
> Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.
> Edeltraud (eclear at bronze.ucs.indiana.edu)

I have created a set of TrueType fonts and WinWord macros which can 
handle the accented letters of over 60 languages, including transliterated 
Sanskrit, Prakrit etc. The diacritics are handled by macros which are run 
with a single keystroke each, e.g. you type the letter "s", then you press 
the "/" key, which runs the acute accent macro and gives you s-acute. 
Typing the accented characters is therefore as quick and intuitive as 
typing ordinary characters.

The package is shareware, but there is no set price: pay what you think it 
is worth (if anything) ... or don't pay, and use the software just the same, 
with my best wishes. 

I will be attempting to upload the package (called LeedsBit) to the CICA 
(Indiana) and SRC (London) archives in the next few hours, but I've 
never uploaded anything before, so if it isn't there in the next day or two, 
please feel free to contact me directly.

There will be a second version in a few month's time, with more 
languages and smaller, better-designed macros, but the present version is 
to allow people to work in the meantime.

I'm currently working on a similar package to cover Cyrillic languages, 
after which will come Mongolian (traditional alphabet, running vertically 
in WinWord) and, if I get the chance, a Devanagari package. How much 
time (if any) I can dedicate to these projects depends on whether I can 
convince my boss that there is a demand for such things, so if you would 
be interested, please let me know.



Alec McAllister
Arts Computing Development Officer
Computing Service
University of Leeds
tel 0532 335399

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