Monotype Indic fonts in Type 1 format

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Fri Apr 22 15:15:01 UTC 1994

I have a press-release from 

Monotype Typography Ltd
Tel: +44 737 765959
FAX: +44 737 769243
(Contact people: Ian Bezer or Julie Collier-Smith.)

saying that they have launched a wide range of fonts in Type 1 PS format
from their collection of non-Latin typefaces.  They have sent me photocopies
of a large number of fine faces, ranging from Armenian through Devanagari,
Greek, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, to Telugu and Urdu.  There are many more.
These fonts are *really* good.  This is what has been used for major
publishing (including newspapers) all over Asia since the twenties.

Monotype seems to have packages which provide the required font together
with Mac or MS Windows keyboard drivers, etc.  I was quoted 238 pounds
for a Devanagari font with keyboard driver for Windows.  You can
also buy larger collections of characters, spread over several fonts,
which have a greater variety of special sorts (pre-made conjuncts, 
etc.), but then you have to sort out the composition issues yourself.
Prices still reasonable.



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     Does anyone know who to contact for more information on the 6th
International Conference on Early Literature in New Indo-Aryan Languages, to
be held at the University of Washington in Seattle, July 7th-9th, 1994?
	David Swain


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