Confer. New Indo-Aryan Languages

Alan Entwistle entwistl at
Fri Apr 22 17:20:40 UTC 1994

I am convening the conference and have just mailed the Third Circular to 
all those who have so far expressed interest in attending. I will mail 
this information to anyone who sends me their address. The circular 
includes a provisional list of papers and reservation form for on-campus 
board and lodging package. 
	There is a registration fee (payable on arrival) of $65, which 
pays for paper abstracts & program, refreshments, reception, banquet, 
and perhaps some entertainment on Saturday night. 
	We have about fifty papers grouped in panels on Hagiography, 
Oral Tradition, Metaphors, Sacred Places, Islam in the Indian Context, 
Text Criticism, and a catch-all "Miscellaneous". We can perhaps squeeze 
in one or two extra papers - but will need to know about this as soon as 
possible. Papers should directly address literary texts from the late
Apabhramsa period up to the early 19th century.
	Alan Entwistle
	Department of Asian Languages and Literature
	University of Washington, D0-21
	Seattle, WA 98195

	tel: 206-543-4235
	fax: 206-685-4268 

On Fri, 22 Apr 1994, David C. Swain wrote:

>      Does anyone know who to contact for more information on the 6th
> International Conference on Early Literature in New Indo-Aryan Languages, to
> be held at the University of Washington in Seattle, July 7th-9th, 1994?
> 	David Swain

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