new series of Romanized Indic fonts available

Thomas B. Ridgeway ridgeway at
Wed Nov 24 00:11:11 UTC 1993

November 23

A new series of Romanized Indic fonts are now available for ftp on in pub/indic/outlines.

Below is an excerpt from the information file UPDATES in that directory:

The HACCINDC and HACCNDC* files are truetype and type1 versions of
Romanized Indic.  They are based on Bitstream Charter, using the fonts
donated by Bitstream to the X-consortium.  These are in a DIFFERENT
ENCODING, not corresponding to IASS or any other standard, but standing as
a modification of the encoding used in Adobe Standard Encoding/Windows ANSI
encoding.  The type1 fonts identify themselves as being in a font-specific
encoding, and use the real names for their characters (well, I made up the
names for some).  The truetype characters lie about who they are in the case
of the indic characters; the font pretends to be any old ANSI encoded font.
The hinting on both series of these fonts is probably rather better than
the existing wnri* series.

NOTE that these are copyrighted fonts.  You are permitted to take and use copies
of these fonts for the purpose of testing and evaluating them up until June 30, 1994.
Your permission to use these fonts will expire at that time.  We expect to make these
and other resources available on very generous (closely resembling free) terms,
but have not entirely settled the matter as yet, hence the current limited license.
You may redistribute copies of these fonts provided that copies of this notice
accompany the fonts, and the copyright notices in the fonts are maintained intact.

I regret to say that I am just too busy to respond to non-technical queries as
to how to use these fonts; please get in touch with the computer support people
at YOUR institution for how to install fonts, what software is compatible with
truetype or type1, how to ftp files and so forth.

I am, of course, quite interested in any remedying any faults or implementing any
improvements you may care to suggest; for that purpose you may write me directly
or through the list.



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