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Chris Wooff C.Wooff at liverpool.ac.uk
Tue Nov 23 12:52:49 UTC 1993

I administer the Indology list. All rejected mail which can't get
delivered to any of you gets sent back to me so that I am aware of
possible problems. I'm getting a lot of mail rejected by sites which
implement 'quotas' on their systems. This means that the site rejects all
mail messages to users whose mailbox size exceeds some locally defined

If you are at one of these sites then can you please try to ensure that
you leave sufficient space for incoming mail. By talking to your local
Computer Centre staff you may even be able to have this limit increased.
The consequences of doing nothing are that *any* mail to you (not just
from Indology) will not be delivered. In addition by addressing problems
with your quotas you will help reduce the cost of managing the Indology

Thank you for reading this message.

Chris Wooff (C.Wooff at liverpool.ac.uk)

> From magier at columbia.edu Tue Novermber 23 12:00:38 1993
Date: Tue, 23 Novermber 1993 12:00:38 -0500
From: David Magier <magier at columbia.edu>
Subject: Re: NSEP
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>   An informational packet on the NSEP is being prepared by
>   members of the Joint Committee on South Asia of the
>   Social Science Research Council. I will be happy to
>   provide this to interested parties. Study abroad
>   advisers, applicants, and their mentors deserve to know
>   the potential risks that the NSEP in its present form
>   carries with it.

Thanks to Prof. Pollock for the clarifications on the NSEP. As an Area 
Studies librarian, I would welcome any comments or reactions from list 
readers with regard to the inherent risks (as against the potential 
benefits) of seeking and using NSEP-type funding (i.e. funding 
explicitly originating in military/intelligence arms of the 
government) for the specific purpose of developing good area studies 
LIBRARY COLLECTIONS (as opposed to the study-abroad activities Prof. 
Pollock mentions). The description posted earlier included one 
category of NSEP funding, reproduced below, which would seem to 
include activities in the area of library development.

>    3) institutional grants to assist U.S. college and universities 
>    in strengthening their institutional capabilities toward a 
>    national capacity in foreign languages, area studies, and 
>    international fields. 

In pursuing such questions, I would be happy to help distribute to South Asia
(and other area studies) librarians the informational packet on the NSEP being
prepared by members of the Joint Committee on South Asia of the SSRC, if Prof.
Pollock thinks it is appropriate and will provide a copy to me.

Many thanks.

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Subject: Re: NSEP

Thanks for your message. I will indeed provide you with the materials as
soon as we can get them ready. The JCSA of the SSRC has just concluded its
semi-annual meeting, and we are only now returning to our campuses; this
and the upcoming holiday will slow us down, alas. I am hoping we can have
materials available by the week of the 6th at the latest. I leave for India
on the 9th, and if you haven't heard from me before then, please be in
contact with Professor James Boyce, Dept. of Economics, UMass, Amherst, MA
(no email, or at least I don't have it yet). David Ludden
(DLUDDEN at PENNSAS.UPENN.EDU) will also know what is going on. One additional
person to keep in mind for further information is David Szanton, Executive
Director of International and Area Studies, UC Berkeley (tel. 510-642-5284;
you might try emailing him through ias at uclink.berkeley.edu, though that is
NOT his personal address), who is organizing a California-wide effort to
oppose participation in the NSEP.

The program you specifically call attention to is unknown to me. This was
not part of any earlier formulation of the program, and may be flash to
obscure the troubles with the rest of the package; I would have serious
doubts that it will enable library acquisitions. At all events, my prima
facie view of the matter is that *any* link between area studies and
DOD/CIA is deadly and should be avoided.

Thanks for your interest. I'll be in touch soon.

Sheldon Pollock


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