Sanskrit and translation studies

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Sun Nov 21 07:18:20 UTC 1993

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> I would like to know if there is any specific bibliography on the subject of
> Sanskrit and translation studies, in other words if anyone has critically ana-
> lysed or discussed the very special aspects involved in the translation of
> Sanskrit, especially epic and kavya, in modern European languages. 

I make some very brief remarks on translation in my recent book Metarules of
Paninian Grammar (Groningen: Forsten, 1993), vol. 2, pp. xxix, xxx.  My
remarks are about technical translation (vyakarana), not literary
translation, though.

A conference on translation from Indian languages into English has just
taken place this last week in London.  A large number of active
creative writers and translators from India and elsewhere attended; I
met Girish Karnad last night: he was at the meeting and said it had
been very stimulating and well-attended.  Contact Julia Leslie
(j.leslie at from more information.



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