Sanskrit and translation studies

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Thu Nov 18 21:58:40 UTC 1993

I would like to know if there is any specific bibliography on the subject of
Sanskrit and translation studies, in other words if anyone has critically ana-
lysed or discussed the very special aspects involved in the translation of
Sanskrit, especially epic and kavya, in modern European languages. The area of
translation studies does indeed include poetic translation among its subsets, althoug
though I must confess my own bibliography stops with de Beaugrande; and I was
just wondering whether anyone has ever tackled this re. Sanskrit.
Sorry if this note looks tautological, but I haven't yet discovered how to al-
ter lines that have already been written.
Alex Passi
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Date: 18 Nov 1993 18:48:18 GMT
Subject: NSEP

AUTHOR: MAIL.SEANETL1               
MHS:   Source date is:      18-Nov-93 12:27 EDT 
     [also posted to SEASIA-L; please forward  to appropriate 
     newsgroups and individuals] 
     FYI: The National Security Education Program (NSEP) is due to 
     begin implementing pilot programs in 1994 in the following 3 
     1) undergraduate scholarships to allow U.S. citizens to pursue 
     serious study abroad in "critical world areas" defined as 
     countries outside the U.S. except for Canada and Western Europe. 
     contact info: Institute of International Education 
                   1400 K Street, N.W. 
                   Washington, DC  20006 
                   tel: 202-962-8835 
                   fax: 202-962-8834 
     2) graduate fellowships to encourage U.S. citizens enrolled in or 
     admitted to graduate programs in U.S. institutions of higher 
     learning to develop expertise in the languages and area studies 
     or less commonly studied countries.  Two types of fellowships are 
     available: a) for doctoral candidates to study critical foreign 
     languages, disciplines, or areas which will strengthen the 
     national capacity in international education; b) for students in 
     professional and scientific disciplines to offer serious 
     opportunities to internationalize their educational experience. 
     contact info: Academy for Educational Development 
                   1255 23rd Street, N.W. Suite 400 
                   Washington, DC  20037 
                   tel: 800-498-9360 or 202-833-7600 
                   fax: 202-467-8755 
     3) institutional grants to assist U.S. college and universities 
     in strengthening their institutional capabilities toward a 
     national capacity in foreign languages, area studies, and 
     international fields. 
     contact info: National Security Education Program 
                   P.O. Box 47103 
                   Washington, DC  20050-7103 
                   tel: 703-696-1991 
                   fax: 703-696-5667 
     I believe $10 million has been allocated for 1994 with following 
     years to be funded from the interest from the $120 million NSEP 
     Trust Fund. 
     A letter from the NSEP Office was sent out in late October to 
     college and university presidents asking that a NSEP 
     Representative be named on every campus to screen and sign off on 
     each student application.  This, I believe, mirrors the current 
     administration of the Fulbright awards. 
     I encourage everyone to inquire about this new source of funding 
     since NSEP seems tailor made for students and scholars of 
     Southeast Asia. 
     Andy Shaw 
     565-2132 at 

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