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> I only subscribed to this list today! :-) and I am busy reading the
> archives. I note that in the archives there are copies of the
> Buddhacarita and several other things (which names I can't read
> while I'm in this mailer). I myself have some S/ankara and
> Patan%jali around somewhere. Are the texts in the Indology archive
> text-only or something else? I'd like to know if I can read them
> on the Mac.

Dear Michael,

Welcome to the list.

The texts on the INDOLOGY server at are indeed plain text,
with plain text markup in some cases.  There is a standard roman character
set for transliterated Sanskrit and allied languages called the Computer
Sanskrit eXtended (CSX) coding.  This is an 8-bit code: ASCII plus accented
Indic characters and a base set for of accents for French, German, etc.
It was agreed at the Vienna meeting of the International Assoc. of Sanskr.
Studies (IASS) and details and examples are in the file
Madhav Deshpande has created a PS font in CSX coding which works well on the
Mac.  It costs money.

The liverpool files are also available for ftp from

Tom Ridgeway has taken copies of each of these files as they became
available, and converted them from their creators' coding to CSX.  These
versions are stored on

I would gladly take copies of your Sankara and Patanjali transcriptions, and
make them available through the same channels.  Shall I send you a disk?
Can you ftp stuff to me?  (Or me from you?)

Best wishes, and welcome again,

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