Romanized Indic metafont update available by ftp

Thomas B. Ridgeway ridgeway at
Fri Jun 18 21:13:21 UTC 1993

The Humanities and Arts Computing Center of the University of Washington 
is making available for anonymous ftp a series of fonts in metafont
source code format.  Such fonts are most easily used with the TeX
typesetting language.  Ordinarily you will need the assistance of someone
experienced with metafont to produce these fonts, or you will need to
acquire the necessary expertise yourself.  Humanities and Arts Computing
cannot provide assistance to parties outside the University of

The fonts now available are for:
     Old English
     Indic languages in Roman transliteration
     Puget Salish (Lushootseed) and other American Indian languages

They may be found in the directory pub/metafont on the ftp server [].

You may perform a quick evaluation of the 10 point roman members of 
these families by taking the file and printing it on a
(preferably 300 dpi) postscript printer.  Alternately, in the directory
pub/metafont/binary are tfm and pk files which may be used for some other
300 dpi device, such as an HP LaserJet.

These are in the families
     wngb*   Washington Gerald Barnett (old English)
     wnri*   Washington Romanized Indic
     wnps*   Washington Puget Salish

     The wngb and wnri families have previously been available
privately on a test basis.  The wnps family was privately circulated
under the names wnpfa* and wnpfb* (Washington phonetic font a and b).
All prior versions are obsolete and no longer being modified/developed/

For one or two more details, ftp the README in the indicated directory.


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