Romanized Indic metafont update available by ftp

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Sat Jun 19 14:12:40 UTC 1993

In message Fri, 18 Jun 93 22:30:57 BST,
  Thomas "B." Ridgeway <ridgeway at edu.washington.hacc.blackbox>  writes:

> The Humanities and Arts Computing Center of the University of Washington
> is making available for anonymous ftp a series of fonts in metafont
> source code format.

Tom, this is a singular service to the scholarly community at large.

On behalf of myself and all INDOLOGISTs, I should like to thank you and the
staff of your Center for this generous donation of many man-hours of work
for the general weal.

Many INDOLOGISTS who do not use TeX may decide that now is the time to have
a look at the system.  With your wnri fonts, the scholar may now keep Indic
language texts in the CSX coding, and typeset them directly with TeX, either
for printing on proof devices such as matrix or laser printers, or at full
publishing quality on phototypesetters.  TeX is completely portable (DOS,
OS/2, Macintosh, Atari, Amiga, Unix, etc.), prints on almost all known
printing devices, and is free for downloading from and other
archives.  Now we have CSX outline fonts for using TeX seamlessly with
Indian language material.  (There are also Devanagari, Tamil, Malayalam,
and Telugu fonts for TeX, all free).

The new wnri fonts may also be converted to Hewlett Packard soft fonts, if
TeX isn't your thing.

Again, Tom, a big thank you.

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