New files for ftp

ucgadkw at ucgadkw at
Thu Jul 22 08:18:44 UTC 1993

Jamie has announced his new fonts for WordPerfect:  they are now available
from the site in directory /pub/users/ucgadkw/indology
Login as "anonymous", and give your email address as password.

Jamie, are your characters laid out using the CSX scheme?

I have also put there copies of the Washington Indic fonts created by
Tom Ridgeway at HACC.  These include the Metafont versions for TeX,
screen versions for VGA and EGA PC screens, and PostScript and 
Truetype versions.  All have the same character layout:
extended Computer Sanskrit extended.  All files are ZIPped with
initial letters "WN".

Incidentally, it is becoming obvious that we need another meeting at 
the Sanskrit conference in Melbourne to talk about character coding.
I think the extended set promoted by Tom might be a very strong
candidate to become a new, revised CSX.



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