New files for ftp

Thu Jul 22 15:21:11 UTC 1993

Are my fonts CSX?? NO, and for that reason, I would not advise anybody to
even bother with them, unless, of course, you are a DOS WordPerfect user (
or some similar situation). You will have to do some sort of global search
and replace to translate to my encoding, and then you will be stuck with it
(though I provide a macro to go from my encoding to TeX!!). I am in the
process of preparing 3 Truetype/Adobe CS fonts, which I hope to upload soon

  More from the file on my encoding scheme: 

The locations in upper ASCII that I have used for these
codes are a horrible hodge-podge of thought-out-in-the-past-but-
can't-remember-the-reason-anymore, never-had-a-reason-in-the-first-place, 
and the like. 

Jamie Hubbard, Smith College


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