The order of the three grammatical genders in Sanskrit

leonard zwilling zwilling at
Wed Jul 21 17:52:04 UTC 1993

Has any ordering of the three grammatical genders other than the customary
one of feminine, masculine and neuter [at least since ']
been sanctioned by authority? I have encountered the order masculine,
feminine, neuter at one place in the supposed autocommentary to Umaasvati's
Tattvaarthaadhigamasuutra against the usual order which is given in the very
suutra under discussion. This divergence was not addressed by Ohira in his
study of that work. I'd greatly appreciate an assist on this. Thanks.
Leonard Zwilling
zwilling at

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The village in question is called Mettur, about 15 km from Shimoga. It 
has at least 5000 inhabitants, of which perhaps 1/4 can converse in 
simple Sanskrit sentences, including shopkeepers, etc. It is not 
exclusively a Brahman town (there are no such things). A relatively 
successful effort has been made in, as far as I can tell, a humane and 
light-hearted way (humane because light-hearted) to propogate Sanskrit. 
On the whole the town has stayed away from the ravages of the VHP.
Fred Smith
Univ. of Iowa

PS. By "converse" (above), I mean stumble through introductions, etc. But 
a surprising number can actually use a few simple declensions and finite 
verb forms!

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