Truetype conversion Mac/Winword

carlo della casa giuseppe at
Tue Jul 20 13:34:28 UTC 1993

	Just would like to report a problem with some fonts we developed in 
Milan which SEEMED to be the answer to truetype file compatibility between Winword 2 and Word for the Mac. The file conversion subprograms or translators con-
tained in MS word 5 (mac) and winword 2 translate our romanized sanskrit font
from Winword 2 to Mac without any problems. The reverse, however, does not hold true. When saving a Mac file in a Windows 2 format, the translator deletes several characters and replaces them with "_" (underline). Any suggestions? Incidentally, I tried to get around the problem by using the Claris translators from a Nisus environment (similar problems, involving different characters) and by encoding the file as a MS Dos Word-5 document (characters get scrambled in other most
annoying ways). I have not tried using word 5.1 (mac) yet. If anyone is interested in the truetype fonts (their only apparent advantage over other similar items
discussed in the mail list might be their alas deficient portability to and from
mac and Windows), will be glad to mail a copy. 
Alex Passi
giuseppe at

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