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I am afraid the recent self-publicizing submission(s) of Dr. Kak are a good
example of the kind of messages our list members are fleeing.
Richard J. Cohen

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Some of you will receive this twice, but I can't remove names from my mailer 
for one message.  Obviously, the possibility of few names is real.  My under- 
standing is that they will draw the strongest candidates from S OR SE Asia 
to interview.  Merry 
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Center for South Asia Studies 
201 Moses Hall 
University of California 
Berkeley, CA, USA 94720 
voice: 510-642-3608    fax: 510-643-5793   e-mail: steve at 
TO:  CONSALD members 
The replacement position for Ken Logan has finaly been approved. 
This is no mean feat.  The library asked for this job (South and 
Southeast Asian librarian) as one of its three top priorities (out of 
more than 80 vacancies) and the faculty and the Center for South 
Asia Studies probably provided the needed push to get budget approval. 
You (and all other CONSALD members) will receive the two page posting 
in the mail within two weeks directly from the Library.  Salient points 
are that the job is at the low end of the professional librarian 
scale (Asst./Assoc. Librarian, $28,668-41,160); MLS or equivalent; 
knowledge of some aspect of South Asia and one or more SA languages; 
application deadline April 16, 1993. 
I would like to solicit your help in filling this job.  There are 
probably very few-if any-available folks for this job and I would 
appreciate it if you could spread the word as widely as possible to 
whomever you think it relevant.  My thought is that there may be 
individuals who you know who are not currently identified as SA 
librarians but who have the skills and are working in some other 
capacity, or, a new MLS with training in things South Asian who 
might not be in the CONSALD loop. 
It would be absolutely incredible after all that we have been 
through here to convince the Library and UC administrations of 
the essential nature of this position for our program, if we can 
not find any suitable candidates.  Ken and I talked about this 
at length before he left and it has been my greatest fear. 
CSAS will be glad to provide any info about South Asia studies 
here at Berkeley or anything else that you or any other 
potential candidate might want.  The applications and library- 
specific questions should be directed to: 
        Janice Burrows 
        447 The Library 
        University of California 
        Berkeley, CA 94720 
        Voice: 510-642-3778 
        Fax: 510-642-8675 
As I mentioned earlier you will all receive the official announcement 
through the mail. 
Thanks very much for your help.  I hope that we are able to find a 
suitable colleague for you in the very near future. 
Steven Poulos 

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