The Rigvedic astronomical code

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I have just realized that I posted the wrong file in the
above-named posting yesterday. Please delete the previous
message. A thousand apologies! -Subhash Kak

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          Thursday, Jan. 28, 10:30 AM  
          Divisions at  the  LOC  have  been  told  that there  is $150,000 
          available for temporary contract employees to  work  on arrearage 
          reduction, and  that  each division should submit proposals, with 
          names of candidates if possible.  We need to  have  the proposals 
          in today if possible (sic). 
            Can  you suggest people in  the Washington area or able  to  be 
          here  for  a while that might  be  able  and willing to  work  on 
          arrearage reduction projects?   In general library or formal area 
          studies expertise is  useful  but  not necessary.   Some possible 
          projects, in no priority:  Making serial record and preparing for 
          binding  large  number  of  serials  in Southeast Asian languages 
          using the Roman script (Malay, Indonesian,Filipino languages). 
          Organizing Thai bound serials 
          Organizing Thai or Vietnamese ephemera 
          Prepping Vietnamese newspapers for microfilming microfilming. 
          Cataloging  Tibetan   books   with  assistance   of  professional 
          Filing microfiche 
          Shelving bound vols. of serials by call no.  or alphabetically by 
          Cataloging 550 Sanskrit mss. 
          Reply ASAP to: 
             Allen Thrasher 
          Southern Asia Sect. 
          Library of Congress 
          thrasher at 
          mail.thrasher at switch 
          tel. 202-707-5600 
          fax 202-707-1724                                                  

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  The only person who comes to mind is Lloyd Anderson at Ecological 
Linguistics.  He has a Ph.D. in Southeast Asian studies.  While he may
not be available himself, he seems to know who is up to what in SEA studies.
  Last known address is:  P.O. Box 15156; Washington, D.C.  20003.

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Subject: Re: Rigveda

 In contrast to folks like Richard Cohen and Michio Yano, I do find
Subhash Kak's postings to be original and thought provoking. They
certainly are in the spirit of this list which I understand to be a
discussion of classical India. Since the Rigveda is the core of
Indian culture, a new insight into its structure and meaning is
certainly of great interest to me and other Indologists.
 Linkage of resignations from this list to Dr Kak's postings, seems
more spite rather than a scholarly observation.
 Furthermore, Michio Kano is to be reminded that Al-Biruni is no
great authority on classical Indian literature. His comment can
equally be applied to any culture, including his own.

J.B. Sharma
jsharma at

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