Srinivas Sunder sunder at crhc.uiuc.edu
Thu Jan 28 17:01:11 UTC 1993

>  In contrast to folks like Richard Cohen and Michio Yano, I do find
> Subhash Kak's postings to be original and thought provoking. They
> certainly are in the spirit of this list which I understand to be a
> discussion of classical India. Since the Rigveda is the core of
> Indian culture, a new insight into its structure and meaning is
> certainly of great interest to me and other Indologists.

I second that observation. I tend to believe that the spate of people,
mainly with Indian-sounding names, leaving the list is because of the
lack of discussion on any Indology-related topics that many of them 
probably expected to happen and be interested observers in. To that
extent, Dr. Kak's posts are a reason for many of them NOT to leave.

>  Linkage of resignations from this list to Dr Kak's postings, seems
> more spite rather than a scholarly observation.


-srinivas sunder

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