Notes about India from Classical sources available.

Anand V Raman A.Raman at NZ.AC.MASSEY
Tue Nov 17 04:36:03 UTC 1992

Indhist (Version 1.0) is a program similar to the UNIX (BSD) fortune
program.  Each time it is invoked it prints a random record from its
database.  Only, its database consists of notes about India from
Classical sources.  I have drawn mainly upon the translations of
Megasthanes and Arrian's works by John W McCrindle.
It (The Indhist project), the present version of which only runs under
UNIX, also includes a program to create a named pipe on the filesystem
which seems to have a different content (record) each time it is looked
Chris Wooff has kindly consented to make Indhist available as a
UNIX SHAR from the Indology Listserver.  It is stored in Lpunch
format and is ready to go as of now. I hope you enjoy using it.
Best wishes,
- & (anand v raman)
# The following signature is a random selection from Indhist 1.0
# For more information on Indhist, mail A.Raman at
Megasthanes, in the second book of his Indika, says that when  the Indians
are at supper a  table is placed  before  each  person, this being like  a
tripod.  There is placed upon it a golden  bowl, into which they first put
rice,  boiled as one  would boil barley, and then   they add many dainties
prepared according to Indian receipts.
- Athen.iv.p.153

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