Brhatsamhita available in CSX encoding by ftp

Thomas B. Ridgeway ridgeway at EDU.WASHINGTON.HACC.BLACKBOX
Tue Jun 23 18:25:41 UTC 1992

Status: RO

The recently released version of Varahamira's Brhatsamhita is
now available in Classical Sanskrit (CS/CSX 8-bit) encoding.
The anonymous ftp host is []
    the file to take is in directory pub/indic MUST be ftp'ed in binary mode, and must be
    unzipped on your end to be useful.  The zipfile is about 195K.
    Those who have not previously visited blackbox may want to
    also examine README and UPDATES in the pub/indic directory.
    Cookbook directions for ftp novices follow my signature
Here is the preface for the unzipped file:
              VarAhamihira's BRhatsaMhitA
              (Version 3, June 5, 1992)
              digitalized by Michio YANO
              proofread by Mizue Sugita
              based on the edition of A.V.TripAThI
              (SarasvatI Bhavan GranthamAlA Edition)
              with reference to H.Kern's text
              [variants marked by K.] and his translation
              Converted to Classical Sanskrit (Extended) encoding
              by Tom Ridgeway at the Humanities and Arts Computing
              Center of the University of Washington, June 1992.
 note on original transliteration follows:
 [ Text was input by Kyoto-Harvard System, that is,
   Capitals for long vowels, linguals, anusvAra, visarga, and nazals,
   and z for palatal sibilants.
   Members of sandhi are not separated. avagraha is romanized by +a,
   external vowel sandhi is decomposed with the mark ^.]
You obviously don't see any CSX stuff in this copy of the preface as
this is coming to you through a 7-bit mail channel.
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