Brhatsamhita now available from INDOLOGY

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UK.AC.UCL
Fri Jun 19 10:28:00 UTC 1992

Status: RO

Thanks to the generosity of Michio Yano, the electronic text
of the B.rhatsa.mhitaa of Varaahamihira is now available
To get the text, send the message "get brhatsam package" to
the address "listserv at".
To get an index of what other files are available, send
the message "index indology" to the listserv.
To get a brief summary of how the Brhatsamhita has
been packaged (it's in five pieces of uuencoded ZIP
file), send the message "get brhatsam memo".
In addition to the Brhatsamhita, INDOLOGY also
has the texts of the A.s.taadhyaayi of Pa.nini and the
Buddhacarita of A"
Many thanks to Yano for this text!
I hope this will encourage others to consider submitting further
files to the pool.

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