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Wed Jun 17 14:05:19 UTC 1992

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Dear Dominik Wujastyk
After almost a year's absence (in bits and pieces, with some six
months spent at Harvard) I am back home, but with little respite.
I am just about over with organising an International East-West
Philosophy Conference that will be held in Australia - the first ever,
and a prelude to (in terms of the experience and disappointing monets
necessary for any such large ventures) the Wordl Sanskrit Congress in
I wanted to take up your suggestion about placing the notice for
the Sanskrit conference on the Indological network. For some
reason I have had no success. I tried to send you a message about
this as well but the system kept fouling up and no messages, I believe,
ever left the mainframe here. A new installation seems to be working
a little better but only for short and fast messages. That precludes
bulky messages like annoncements for conferences and so on.
I wonder if it will be too much to request you to summarise the
annoucement from the brochure we have sent out and place it on any
bulletin or network you think might be helpful. The submission date
for titles and pre-registration has been extended to August 1992.
Any news that you might like to share with us here will be welcome.
(By the way, I did try to get in touch over the brief weekedn that
I was in London last October but it did not work out. Next time.)
Best wishes.
Purushottama Bilimoria
    Date:       Fri, 05 Jul 91 09:45:52 +0100
From: rom:       Dominik Wujastyk <ucgadkw at>
    Dear Purushottama (and group),
    Delighted to have you on board.  This forum is an ideal one for early
    publicity about the forthcoming Australian World Sanskrit Conference.
    You can announce things here, and about 50 indologists will know
    immediately, and be able to tell others informally.  You could also use
    this group for sounding out opinion about dates, sessions, or
    whatever.  (If your really want to: a bit of autocracy in organizing
    conferences can sometimes be a good thing.)
    Another idea: other groups I know of distribute conference posters or
    leaflets via groups like Indology.  The way to do it is to format your
    document using TeX or LaTeX, or some other generic system using only
    7-bit character codes, so that we can download, format and print.
    PostScript would be another possibility, although it can be rather
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