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Mon Feb 17 12:55:42 UTC 1992


Hi !
 The following is a posting which appeared in the Indian News Network Digest
about e-mail connections to India. Its a bit long & sorry if it is not of
interest to u.
Vijay Akella
-----------------------Message follows---------------------------------------
Date: 15 Feb 92 19:22:46 GMT
From: bharathi at acsu.buffalo.edu (Chandra Shekara Bharathi)
Subject: Indian Email Addresses ( Repost )
I have had some requests to post the Indian Email addresses file.. along
with a few requests for info regarding the data base at sangam.  The
info has been incorporated into the FAQ maintained by Vikas Deolaliker.
The file follows..  However it must be mentioned that some of the node names
are changing.  The postmasters however have mailiases so that mail
addressed to these old addresses do get to the users.
Iam trying to compile a new list.  Once that is done, I'll post it ON THE NET.
The database at sangam is being updated constantly and is by no means complete.
So, if you know a friend of yours that has email facilities, but his/her
name does not appear in the database, ur best bet is to write to the
postmaster of that particular site ( not NCST @ Bombay ).
Subsequent to my earlier posting on SCI, I have received > 3 dozen or so
requests for clarification and repost of the info regarding this subject.
Also, I have had questions like:
-> why cannot I finger delhi even though I can access the data base.
-> node shiva.ernet.in does not show why?
So, here is a repost with some info about the "FINGER"
As regards, why shiva.ernet.in does not show, it is 'cos NCST guys haven't
yet rcvd. info from that node.
First of all, it is *NOT* like the finger of UNIX systems.  It is just a
database maintained at NCST - a database that has enough info.
For more info and help regarding email addresses in India,
whois -h sangam.ernet.in  help
For a list of all the nodes in India,
whois -h sangam.ernet.in ""		-the double quotes are necessary
This w'd give info regarding the nodes presently represented in the
data base maintained by the NCST people at Bombay.
For a list of the nodes present in a given city,
whois -h sangam.ernet.in  city_name
where city_name can be part/whole of the city u wish to send mail to.
for eg. for a list of all node names in bangalore, try
whois -h sangam.ernet.in bang
Once the exact node name is known, to obtain the login name of the
person u wish to contact,
whois -h sangam.ernet.in  name_of_the_person at node_name
where name_of_the_person can be part/whole of the person's last/first
or middle name [ Nick names not allowed :-) ]
All searches are case-insensitive, so u need not worry about it.
ps: The NCST people are maintaining this database as a service to the public.
So, it is not a very good idea to flood the postmaster's mailbox with
requests regarding the database and with requests for forwarding the mail.
For u to get info on userids for nodes not represented on the database, pl
send mail to postmaster at the_node_u_want_to_send_mail.ernet.in
Hope this helps.
                             SITES IN INDIA
  +============== ADDRESSING INDIAN SITES FROM OUTSIDE INDIA ==============+
  |                                                                        |
  |  If you are at a site that can     |   USER at SITE.ernet.in              |
  |  handle domains                    |                                   |
  |  If you are at a site that can't   |   ...!uunet!UUCP-PATH!USER        |
  |  handle domains                    |                                   |
  |  Where: UUCP-PATH  - is the uucp path for the site. See list below.    |
  |         USER       - recipient's mail name on the destination host.    |
  |         SITE       - recipient's site name on the (ERNET) network.     |
  |                                                                        |
  |  Note:  Users using the C-shell under Unix systems may have to quote   |
  |         the "!" characters in the mail address.  This can be done by   |
  |         using "\!" in place of "!".                                    |
     Each site is required to have a postmaster who can answer general
     inquiries about users and hosts at that site.
====        ========================                 =========
iimahd      Indian Institute of Management           shakti!iimahd
plasma      Institute for Plasma Research            shakti!plasma
prl         Physical Research Labs                   shakti!prl
cdotb       Centre for Development of telematics     shakti!vigyan!cdotb
crlbel      Central Res. Lab., Bharat Elec. Ltd.     shakti!crlbel
csirb       Council for Sci. & Industrial Research   shakti!vikram!csird!csirb
cdacb       Centre for Development of Advanced Comp. shakti!cdacb
iiap	    Indian institute for Astrophysics	     shakti!vigyan!iiap
ncb         NCST's Office in Bangalore               shakti!ncb
            also Natl. Ctr. for Software Development shakti!ncb
vigyan      Indian Inst. of Sci. - Comp. Centre      shakti!vigyan
vidya       Indian Inst. of Sci. - KBCS Group        shakti!vigyan!vidya
vidyut      Indian Inst. of Sci. - EE Department     shakti!vigyan!vidyut
yantra      Centre for AI and Robotics               shakti!yantra
agni        IG Institute of Development Research     shakti!agni
betaal      Indian Inst. of Technology - CC I        shakti!betaal
cse         Indian Inst. of Technology - CS Dept.    shakti!betaal!cse
dhruv       Indian Inst. of Technology - CC II       shakti!betaal!dhruv
nitie       Natl. Inst. for Trg. in Industr. Engg.   shakti!nitie
sameer      Soc. for Applied Microwave Electronic    shakti!betaal!dhr
            Engineering and Research                 uv!sameer
shakti      Nat'l. Centre for Software Technology    shakti
tarang      Society for Appl. Microwave Engg.        shakti!betaal!tarang
tifr        Tata Institute of Fundamental Research   shakti!tifr
tifrvax     Tata Institute of Fundamental Research   shakti!tifrvax
bose        SN Bose Natl. Ctr. for Basic Sciences    shakti!bose
isical      Indian Statistical Institute             shakti!isical
kbcscal     Indian Statistical Inst. (KBCS Group)    shakti!kbcscal
veccal      Variable Energy Cyclotron                shakti!veccal
imtech      Institute of Microbial Technology        shakti!vikram!imtech
aiims 	    All india institute of medical sciences  shakti!vikram!aiims
cdotd       Centre for Development of Telematics     shakti!vikram!cdotd
cmcdel      CMC, Delhi				     shakti!vikram!cmcdel
cris	    Centre for Railway Information System    shakti!vikram!cris
csird       Council for Sci. & Industrial Research   shakti!vikram!csird
nifm	    National inst for Financial Management   shakti!vikram!nifm
vikram      Dept. of Electronics, Govt. of India     shakti!vikram
iitd        Indian Inst. of Technology- CS Dept. I   shakti!vikram!iitd
iqbal       Natl. Assn. of Software & Service Cos.   shakti!vikram!iqbal
isid	    Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi	     shakti!vikram!isid
isidev      Inst for studies in Industr. Development shakti!vikram!isidev
jnuniv      Jawaharlal Nehru Univ., Phy. Sci. Dept.  shakti!vikram!jnuniv
netearth    Indian Inst. of Technology- CS Dept. II  shakti!vikram!netearth
cmch        CMC Limited                              shakti!cmch
iitk        Indian Inst. of Technology - I           shakti!iitk
kalyan      Indian Inst. of Technology - III         shakti!vikram!kalyan
iitkgp      Indian Institute of Technology           shakti!iitkgp
imsc        The Institute of Mathematical Sciences   shakti!shiva!imsc
shiva       Indian Inst. of Technology- CS Dept.     shakti!shiva
ssf         SPIC Science Foundation                  shakti!shiva!ssf
            School of Mathematics
gmrt        Giant Metre-Wave Radio Telescope         shakti!gmrt
iucaa       Inter-Univ Ctr. for Astronomy & Asphys.  shakti!iucaa
parcom      Centre for Development of Advanced Comp. shakti!parcom
unipune     University of Poona, CS Department       shakti!unipune
krec        Karnataka Regional Engineering College   shakti!krec
Email addresses can be specified either in the internet format or the uucp
format.  for eg. if you'd want to send mail to  USER at the KBCS node
in IISc. ( i.e. vidya ), all u need to do is,
% mail USER at vidya.ernet.in
The uucp format will be
% mail vidya\!USER at shakti.ernet.in      or
% mail USER\%vidya at shakti.ernet.in      or
% mail uunet\!shakti\!vidya\!USER at uunet.uu.net
Chandra Shekara Bharathi                   | internet: bharathi at cs.buffalo.edu

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