E-mail to India

Tue Feb 4 18:45:16 UTC 1992


I am mailing this to your list (Indology) at the request of
Mr Akella Vijay Bhaskar Pavella. If there are
any questions, I shall be happy to answer them or refer them
to the colleagues concerned.
An attempt was made to get Deccan College, Pune, on the network.
It has not yet succeeded. An attempt is being made to get
the Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, Delhi into the
network. This is also awaited. But the network is growing, and
we hope that all of you who are so interested in India
will be able to use the network to make your work easier.
S. Ramani
National Centre for Software Technology,
Gulmohar Cross Road No 9, Juhu, Bombay 400 049, India
Fax: +91 22 621 0139 Telex:  +81 11 78260 NCST IN
Sending Email to India
To send Email to the following addresses:
1) You can use the format
   name at node.ernet.in
   by substituting the real "name" and "nodename" in the right
2) Some nodes are reached thru other nodes, like aiims which is
   reached thru vikram
   In these cases, use the format
   name%node at primarynode.ernet.in
   substituting actual names for name, node and primarynode.
3) If you use bang-bang addressing, use one of the following
 BOMBAY 400 065
aiims at vikram.ernet.in	Biotech Dept.
 All India Inst.of Med. Sciences
betaal.ernet.in	ERNET Project, Computer Centre,
 IIT, Powai,
 Bombay - 400 076
cdotb at vigyan.ernet.in	Centre for Development of Telematics
 Sneha Complex, 71/1, Miller Road
 Bangalore - 560 052
cdotd at vikram.ernet.in	Centre for Development of Telematics
 9th Floor,AKBAR BHAWAN, Chanakyapuri
 NEW DELHI - 110 021
cmcb.ernet.in	CMC, The Arcade World Trade Center
 Cuffe Parade
 Bombay 400 005
crlbel.ernet.in	Central Research Labs
 25 MG Road, Bangalore
 INDIA - 560 001.
dhruv at betaal.ernet.in	 Computer Centre,
  IIT, Powai,
  Bombay - 400 076
gmrt.ernet.in	Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, GMRT Project
 Poona University Campus, Post Bag No. 3
 Ganeshkhind, Pune - 411 007
iiap at vigyan.ernet.in	Indian Institute of Astrophysics
 Bangalore -  560 034
iitk.ernet.in	Indian Institute of Technology
 UP, India
imsc.ernet.in	The Institute of Mathematical Sciences
 CPT Campus, Taramani
 Madras 600 113
imtech at vikram.ernet.in	Institute of Microbial Technology
 PO Box 1304, Sector 39A
 Chandigarh 160 014.
isid at vikram.ernet.in	ISI
isidev at vikram.ernet.in	Institute for Studies in Industrial Development
 New Delhi
iucaa.ernet.in	IUCAA, Post Bag 4
 Pune University Campus
 Ganeshkhind, Pune - 411 007
jnuniv at vikram.ernet.in	Jawaharlal Nehru University
 New Mehrauli Road
 New Delhi - 110 067
kbcscal.ernet.in	National Nodal Centre for Knowledge Based Computing
 ECSU,Indian Statistical Institute
  No 203, B.T. Road, CALCUTTA 700 035
ncb.ernet.in	N.C.S.D, 6th floor
 Visvesvaraya Main Tower
 Bangalore - 560 001
netearth at vikram.ernet.in	Dept of Computer Science & Engg
 Indian Institute of Technology
 Hauz Khas, New Delhi - 110 016
parcom.ernet.in	Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC)
 Pune University Campus, Ganeshkhind
 Pune - 411 007
prl.ernet.in	Physical Research Laboratory
 Ahmedabad - 380 009
shakti.ernet.in	N.C.S.T
 Gulmohar cross rd. No.9
 Juhu, Bombay - 400049
ssf.ernet.in	School of Mathematics, SPIC Science Foundation
 92 G. N. Chetty Road, T. Nagar
 Madras - 600 017
sys320 at iitkgp.ernet.in	Indian Institute of Technology
trddc.ernet.in	TRDDC
 1, Mangaldas Road
 Pune - 411 001
veccal.ernet.in	Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre
 1/AF Bidhan Nagar
 Calcutta - 700 064
vigyan.ernet.in	ERNET Project, E C E Department
 Indian Institute of Science
 Bangalore - 560 012
vikram.ernet.in	Department of Electronics
 A-Block, CGO Complex
 Lodi Road, New Delhi - 110 003
wtc_1 at cmcb.ernet.in	World Trade Centre
yantra.ernet.in	Centre for Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
 Raj Bhavan Circle - High Grounds
 Bangalore - 560 001

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