TeluguTeX package available for ftp

Thomas Ridgeway haccme at EDU.WASHINGTON.U
Wed Feb 5 01:44:42 UTC 1992

I am pleased to inform you of a newly available system for typesetting
Telugu text with TeX. The software is available now in the ftp directory
   pub/tex/telugu      of the host  []
Reproduced below is a portion of the readme file in the package:
++++ begin excerpted text
TeluguTeX enables you to typeset Telugu text using TeX/LaTex
family of software. This package mainly contains two sets of
programs. One set is used to create symbols used in composing
Telugu text. These programs are written in METAFONT. The other
set of programs use these symbols as componants to assemble
Telugu text. These programs are written in TeX (macros). Once
you have generated the fonts for the sizes and styles that you
need you do not have to worry about the METAFONT programs( unless
the output device changes). But you will always need the TeX
programs to typeset Telugu text.
It is assumed that you are installing TeluguTeX under UNIX(tm).
METAFONT and TeX programs in this package are not dependent on UNIX,
but make and awk programs are needed.
If you do not have these programs then you will have to
do some work....
  A note from the authors:
    we hope you will find this package useful for typesetting
    Telugu. TeluguTeX was developed by us when we were at
    Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA.
    Please direct your criticism/comments about TeluguTeX to
    email:      lzk60 at
    snailmail:  915 Almaden Avenue
                Sunnyvale, CA  94086  USA
    Amount of time we can spend on TeluguTeX is fairly limited,
    so please do not expect a prompt response.
    If you have questions about METAFONT, TeX, LaTeX, drivers etc.
    you should turn elsewhere. We assume that you know how to
    generate fonts using METAFONT, how to use TeX/LaTeX and
    how to produce output on whatever device you may have.
              Happy TeluguTeXing,
                             Lakshmankumar Mukkavilli
                             Lakshmi Mukkavilli
+++ end excerpted material
TeluguTeX is free, copyrighted, software.  It is available under the terms
of the FSF General Public License.
For the benefit of those unable to run Unix make and awk, some
(possibly all) of the necessary files which a unix make session generates
are included in the subdirectories texfiles and mffiles.  If someone
wished to bring the system up on a non-Unix system these files might
be useful.  The software provided for handling the conversion of the
supported transliteration system is written in TeX, and it will *not* run
on a puny TeX.  If you wish to do Telugu on a small system, you will
probably need to write a preprocessor, possibly using the TeX code as a
guide.  Other examples might be the preprocessors in use for the various
Tamil and Devanagari systems.
Interested parties would do well to pick up the software relatively soon.
Blackbox will not maintain its availability for ftp an indefinitely long
If you are interested in TeluguTeX but do not have previous experience in
TeX or METAFONT, please obtain help and advice from gurus in *your*
institution.  To ask developers of such packages to provide novice-user
help only detracts from their ability to make the world a friendlier place
for Indic computing.
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