Devnagari Fonts

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UK.AC.UCL
Sat Feb 8 08:30:36 UTC 1992

Further to my note of yesterday, I found out what the file
devnagri.tar.Z at Duke is.  It is described by it's creator, Vivek
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Subject: Re: Devnagari Fonts
Date: 14 Sep 91 16:21:12 GMT
Organization: Duke University CS Dept., Durham, NC
I picked up devnag.tar.Z from washington and managed to install it on
a Sun SPARC system.  i took out the MS-DOSisms of the text files so
they read nicely under unix, and added a README.unix file telling
exactly what i did to get it to work.  i also added a directory with X
Window BDF format fonts for use with the xtex dvi previewer (these
will need to be converted to the appropriate native X server format).
the whole package, with my additions, can be picked up from the host as dist/sources/devnagri.tar.Z.
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