Transliteration fonts

Vickie.Banks 21602VB at EDU.MSU
Wed Feb 12 18:02:00 UTC 1992

I'm looking for both transliteration fonts (with diacriticals) and devanagri
fonts for the MAC and the IBM.  We got a brochure from Ecological Linguistics
which offers a font for transliteration called IndicTimes.  Does anyone use
that?  What do you think of it?
Is there an ftp address that offers these fonts free?
I'd be particularly interested in your experience of how any font works with
Microsoft Word and a postcript printer on the MAC and with WordPerfect on the
I know we've been talking about fonts a fair amount lately, but not with
respect to PC's it seems.  Thanks for your help.
Vickie L. Banks
Education Systems Development
Michigan State University

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