E-mail to India

Tue Feb 4 18:39:42 UTC 1992


I am mailing this to your list (Indology) at the request of
Mr Akella Vijay Bhaskar Pavella. I will also Email the list of
Indian Email sites as of now (my next Email). If there are
any questions, I shall be happy to answer them or refer them
to the colleagues concerned.
S. Ramani
National Centre for Software Technology,
Gulmohar Cross Road No 9, Juhu, Bombay 400 049, India
Fax: +91 22 621 0139 Telex:  +81 11 78260 NCST IN
                 Education and Research Network (ERNET), India
                      State of Networking in ERNET today
                               Updated 31 Dec 91
       There have been a number of queries on this topic. So, here is  a
       reply that may be useful to a number of you.
       1) The link from India to uunet is thru  a  leased  line  running
          9600  BPS.   It is a TCP/IP link. We run uucp over it. You can
          currently use the finger command to get information about  ac-
          counts  on  shakti.   You  can  also "talk" to people here. As
          leased lines get installed you will be  able  to  reach  other
          nodes also this way.
       2) Email can be sent to over 50 locations in India now. A list is
          available  as  a separate document on soochak.ncst.ernet.in as
          file pub/ernet/sites
       3) We can post news and read news from Bombay. News is not avail-
          able at other sites as of now.
       4) Leased lines to Bangalore and Madras became operational in Nov
          91.   A  leased line to Delhi is already in operation. It runs
          at 4800 BPS.
       5) A major improvement that is expected to occur soon is the  in-
          stallation  of  eight  Sun  workstations at eight ERNET sites.
          Some of them will work as communication computers.  We  expect
          them  to  add  new  facilities  at  these sites: TCP/IP links,
          domain addressing, whois facility and  news,  in  addition  to
       6) A whois facility covering over 30 nodes on ernet is  available
          on sangam. Use the command
            whois -h sangam.ernet.in help
          to get the help file.

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