E-mail to India !!

Tue Feb 4 16:50:00 UTC 1992


Hi !
Here is some info I have about e-mail to India.
 * The e-mail gateway to India is via Bombay.
 * It is possible to find out places which have e-mail facility using the
   whois command. This allows one to search the database which has , or rather
   ,supposed to have addr of all institutes with e-mail facility in India.
   I am including the help info on this facility and also a sample session.
   (which is mainly aimed at pointing out the fact that not all addr are in the
Hope this helps.
Vijay Akella
     Online Email directory of ERNET users in India (maintained on sangam)
     The whois program examines a central database of registered users  and,
     based on a user supplied search key, looks up and displays information
     about all selected users. Display is always truncated to fifty lines.
     The command
       whois -h sangam.ernet.in help
     gets you a copy of this document.
     All searches are case-insensitive. When searching the database  with  a
     name  key,  you can  use a few  characters  of the  name instead of the
     entire word.  This is handy if you are not sure of the exact spelling.
     A search key consists of a single word or group of words  contained  in
     (double) quotes (" ... "). The single word form matches city name.
     whois -h sangam.ernet.in bombay    (Lists ernet sites in Bombay)
     whois -h sangam.ernet.in mad       (All the Madras sites !)
     Queries using the form key at site will
     match user's login name or full name as in /etc/passwd  file.
     whois -h sangam.ernet.in joshi at shakti      (All users on shakti matching
                                                 the pattern 'joshi')
     The use of the symbol % in front of a name limits the search
     to the field containing the login name. Eg:
     whois -h sangam.ernet.in %sadanand at shakti
     (only logins starting with 'sadanand' at shakti)
     This will fail to match P Sadanandan, whose login name is ps
     Directory outputs associate a mailid with each user, for further
     enquiry, to retrieve full postal address, phone and Fax numbers.
     For example, sh287 is the mailid of PKX Thomas as shown below.
(sh287) thomas:(Mr. P.K.X. Thomas,NCST,,) <thomas at shakti.ernet.in>
     Use !mailid for getting detailed information.
     whois -h sangam.ernet.in !sh287
     (Gives postal address, Phone & Fax numbers of Thomas)
                    (C-Shell users must use \! instead of !)
----------------- sample session ------------------------
$whois -h sangam.ernet.in mad
We are sorry that the node shiva.ernet.in has not sent us directory information
Node_name 		Address
imsc.ernet.in	The Institute of Mathematical Sciences : CPT Campus, Taramani :
                 Madras 600 113
shiva.ernet.in	No Information
ssf.ernet.in	School of Mathematics, SPIC Science Foundation :
                92 G. N. Chetty Road, T. Nagar : Madras - 600 017
Use key at nodename for Email address of users matching 'key'

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