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In some cases, vibhīṣikā apparently has a meaning close to “scarecrow.” My acquaintance with the word comes from Jātakamālā, verse 29.35, where it does not have exactly this meaning (bālavibhīṣikā, “a bogey man for children” in J. Meiland’s translation ; “a child’s bugbear” in Khoroche’s translation). Apte’s Enlarged Practical Sanskrit-English Dictionary, however, has the following to say about this word: “1. Terror. 2. A means of terrifying, a scare (a scare-crow).”
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Dear colleagues,

Looking through NWS (search term Vogelscheuche), MW, and even the English-Sanskrit dictionaries at https://sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/simple/, it is hard to find any words that evidently means 'scarecrow' in Sanskrit.

Would anyone be able to point me to words expressing this meaning with some degree of plausibility?

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