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Dear Arlo,

It's vīruttr̥ṇamayapuruṣa in verse 264 of the Subhāṣitaratnakōṣa:

kāmaṁ kūlē nadīnām anugiri mahiṣīyūthanīḍōpakaṇṭhē
gāhantē śaṣparājīr abhinavaśalabhagrāsalōkā balākāḥ
antarvinyastavīruttr̥ṇamayapuruṣatrāsavighnaṁ kathañcit
kāpotaṁ kodravāṇāṁ kavalayati kaṇān kṣētrakōṇaikadeśe

Ingalls' translation:

By the streambank, up toward the hills,
close by where the buffaloes are lying,
the cranes stalk calmly through the young grass
hunting for fresh locusts;
the flock of doves, though hindered by their fear
of straw-filled scarecrows set therein,
yet manages to peck up grains of beggarweed
along a corner of the field.


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> I've just found one myself in the Amaraṭīkāsarvasva:
> manuṣyaḥ cañceva cañcāmanuṣyaḥ kharakuṭī nāpitaśālā | cañcā tṛṇamayaḥ
> puruṣo yaḥ kṣetrarakṣaṇāya kriyate
> Arlo
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> Dear colleagues,
> Looking through NWS (search term Vogelscheuche), MW, and even the
> English-Sanskrit dictionaries at
> https://sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/simple/, it is hard to find any
> words that evidently means 'scarecrow' in Sanskrit.
> Would anyone be able to point me to words expressing this meaning with
> some degree of plausibility?
> Best wishes,
> Arlo Griffiths
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