[INDOLOGY] A text on music, emotion, and time of the day

Nataliya Yanchevskaya markandeia at gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 21:57:08 UTC 2024

Dear Colleagues,

A student of mine wants to write his undergraduate thesis "on the
confluence of neuroscience with Indian Classical Music ragas, specifically
focusing on emotion, narratives, and time of day". He wants to incorporate
a Sanskrit text that discusses a relationship between music (*rāgas*),
aestheticized emotions (*rāsa/bhāva*), and possibly specific times of the
day. Could you please suggest a text that would explore these topics?

His Sanskrit level is medium-advanced, so almost any text in Classical
Sanskrit is acceptable.

Many thanks!
Nataliya Yanchevskaya, Ph.D.
Lecturer in Sanskrit and South Asian Studies
Princeton University
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