[INDOLOGY] Video recordings of the 7th ISCLS presentations

Martin Gluckman m.gluckman at alumni.anu.edu.au
Wed Mar 27 09:21:32 UTC 2024

Dear All,

I am most delighted to share the video recordings of the 7th ISCLS presentations are now available herewith:

Program • 7th ISCLS 2024 <https://iscls.github.io/program.html>
ISCLS is a forum for original and unpublished research on various aspects of Computational Linguistics and Digital Humanities related to Sanskrit (Classical ...
With kindest wishes,

Martin Gluckman
Organizing Chair
7<https://iscls.github.io/>th<https://iscls.github.io/> ISCLS<https://iscls.github.io/>

[7th International Sanskrit Computational Linguistics Symposium]
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