[INDOLOGY] Diego Loukota (16 April 1985 – 17 March 2024)

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What a terrible loss. I did not know Diego personally, but I found his PhD dissertation on the Kalpanāmaṇḍitikā an excellent, very erudite and inspiring work. I wish it could be published…

> 2024. márc. 18. dátummal, 19:32 időpontban Stefan Baums via INDOLOGY <indology at list.indology.info> írta:
> Our dear friend and colleague Diego Loukota has passed away. Even
> in his last days, the fields of study to which he gave so much
> were in his thoughts, and he asked for the following obituary to
> be shared with you.
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> Diego Loukota, Assistant Professor in Indian and Central Asian
> Buddhism at UCLA, died at the age of 38 on Sunday, March 17th,
> 2024 in his home in Santa Monica, California, surrounded by family
> and friends. He had been diagnosed with an incurable and
> aggressive form of brain tumor (glioblastoma) in March 2023. Diego
> was a proud husband to his colleague Stephanie Balkwill, Assistant
> Professor of Chinese Buddhism at UCLA, and father to 8-year-old
> Remedios, as well as a proud citizen of Guatemala, Colombia, and
> Canada. He continued his activity as instructor, graduate
> supervisor, and researcher throughout the course of his illness up
> until the end of 2023, when his physical limitations made work
> difficult and secondary to end-of-life considerations.
> Diego had unfinished studies in Classics and Music (cello) from
> the National University of Colombia, a BA in Asian History from
> the University of Bologna in Italy, and an MA in Sanskrit and Pāli
> from Peking University, where he also studied Khotanese and
> Gāndhārī under the late Prof. Duan Qing; after this he completed
> his doctoral studies under Prof. Gregory Schopen in Buddhist
> Studies at UCLA.
> Diego focused on the philological treatment of unpublished
> documents, fragments, and inscriptions in Central Asian languages,
> with an eye to their contribution to the history of Buddhism and
> of the Silk Road.
> If you would like to contribute a personal reminiscence or
> anecdote to be shared at an upcoming memorial event at UCLA,
> please write it in this thread or write to his wife Stephanie at
> balkwill at humnet.ucla.edu.
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