[INDOLOGY] help with text in an 1800s rāgamālā image

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Dear Friends,

I'm struggling to transliterate some of the text in this image
which appears linked to the Śrī rāga. Though the Naṭa putra rāga is
apparently assigned to the Megha rāga.

If some kind soul has the time and inclination to help, then I would surely
appreciate it. It is only a few words. I'm guessing the language is a form
of Rajasthani, or Marathi or Dekkani? The auction site at which the image
is located has very little detail, except to say that is from the 1800s. It
is interesting, to me, at least, due to the unusual practice of naming the
performers of these various acts. Personally, I quite like the
anti-gravitational necklace on the female pole dancer.

[image: image.png]



?? mahtraś(ra?)ūragnī-kare-chai / ?? gamaghtraśūtragatīchrai - kare -

The instruments used by the 'wrestler' are mentioned in similar artwork as:

mugdar -  a mace/club used in physical exercise

 nāla - heavy stone-ring used in weight-lifting exercises


male pole dancer/wrestler-acrobat


 दासी - dāsī - female dancer with parasol


nāṭachaiṃ - drummer


nāṭaka-līṃ / -ṇīṃ - female pole dancer

Thank you.

All the best,

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*bodhapūrvam calema* ;-)
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