[INDOLOGY] Three new etexts from Muktabodha/IFP collaboration

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Sun Mar 10 01:10:32 UTC 2024

Dear list members,
First a slightly late best wishes for Shivaratri.

Secondly, three new etexts have been added to the Muktabodha digital
library from the collaborative project between the Institut Francais de
Pondichery and the Muktabodha Indological Research Institute.


The three new etexts are:
1) IFP manuscript bundle 27544  Śivotsavavidhiḥ
containing manuscripts:

kāmikāgama - skandasaṣṭi-utsava
dravyāhutivacana - sakalāgamasaṅgraha
yogaja (utsavavidhi)
sūkṣmāgama (utsava)
makuṭāgama (śivotsava)
āṣāḍhapūrārmavidhi - kāraṇa
kāmikāgama - śivotsava

2) IFP manuscript bundle 32446 āgamavacanasaṅgrahaḥ

 A collection of different topics from different Agamas. This bundle starts
with abhiśekadravya and later it describes
many dhyānas, like  reṇukādhyāna, kālīdhyāna, somaskandadhyāna,
trimurtīdhyāna and many more from different agamas like Kāraṇa,
Santāna and Sahasra.
It also mentions about mṛtyuśānti and pradakṣiṇa details at the end.

3) IFP manuscript 30989  titled "ṇatvabādhāvidhūnanam," accompanied by an
explanatory commentary known as "Tat(t)vamālāvyākhyā," both authored by
The primary focus of the text is to expound upon the 36 tattvas of creation
as taught in the Śivāgamas. Simultaneously, it serves as an one to Lord
Nārāyaṇa. Notably, the title underscores the significance of the letter
"ṇa," which the author contends is derived from the name of Lord Nārāyaṇa.
His interpretation establishes that the name actually refers to God Śiva
and not to Viṣṇu as the name is commonly associated with. Furthermore, the
content explores the origin of creation and the Gods, asserting that the
manifestation of deities is intricately connected to their names.

Harry Spier
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