[INDOLOGY] diagram of vāstupuruṣa on manuscripts

Hock, Hans Henrich hhhock at illinois.edu
Thu Mar 7 22:51:01 UTC 2024

Perhaps this might help in tracking the origin of the drawing?

Volwahsen, Andreas (1968): Indien. Bauten der Hindus, Buddhisten und Jains. Fribourg. S. 44

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Dear colleagues,
We are all familiar with the diagram of the vāstupuruṣa (image attached from Volwahsen 1969). Does anyone know whether this image/diagram is found in any manuscripts of the Bṛhatsamhitā (or another work?) or whether this is a modern drawing (perhaps by Kramrisch)? If this image occurs on manuscripts, can anyone tell me the date(s) of such manuscripts or any other information on them?
Any pointer would be welcome.
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Dagmar Wujastyk
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