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Matthew Kapstein mattkapstein at proton.me
Wed Mar 6 23:03:51 UTC 2024

Dear colleagues,

As one who has little background in Vedic studies, but now wishes to conduct some lexical research in the Vedic corpus, i would be most grateful for your help with two questions:

What are the best ways, if there is a way, to search a given lexical item throughout the corpus, or at least a large portion thereof?

What tools would you recommend to trace the evolution in the use of a lexical item diachronically throughout the corpus?

These are of course two faces of the same query, but the first concerns the raw search for occurrences and the latter seeks historical interpretation. My interest lies primarily in the background of a range of terms that later came to be used technically in the nyāya schools.

With thanks in advance for shared wisdom,


Matthew Kapstein
EPHE, Paris
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