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Dear Patrick,

I did not systematically followed the research on the Śulvasūtras after my Dissertation from 1978 (Beweisverfahren in der vedischen Sakralgeometrie, Wiesbaden. Franz Steiner, 1978) but as far as I know Jean-Michel Delire (Un chapitre du Baudhayana Sulbasutra. Traduction et commentaires concernant les connaissances mathématiques de l’Inde védique. Mémoire, Philologie et Histoire Orientales, Université Libre de Bruxelles 1993) and Kim Plofker (Mathematics in India, Princeton UP 2009) agree what was at that time the state of the arts: the four main ŚulvS (Baudhāyana, Āpastamba, Mānava and Kātyāyana) date from 6th to 8th c. BCE.—in this sequence.

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Dear All:

A scholar not on this list asked me about the latest scholarly consensus on the date of the Śulbasūtras. Not knowing the answer, I thought I would put it to the community. Thanks in advance.

Patrick Olivelle

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